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Optimal transport between two images

Numerical optimal transport and applications. The computation of solutions to the discrete version of this problem, that is when one or both measures are sum of Dirac masses, is of interest to me. I implemented a multiscale algorithm to solve the optimal transport problem on the plane and for the squared Euclidean cost based on Kantorovich duality. With J. André, D. Attali, B. Thibert and P. Machado, we are investigating the application of these techniques to solve inverse problems arising in non-imaging optics.

Geometric reconstruction from noisy data. With F. Chazal and David Cohen-Steiner, we introduced a notion of distance function to a probability measure which can replace the usual distance function in geometric inference. In order to perform global computations, such as computing topology of a certain sublevel set, one needs to approximate this function. This problem raises interesting question in connection with the classical k-set problem in computational geometry.

Boundary measure of a point cloud sampled on a mechanical shape Distance functions and curvature measures. The tube formulas assert that the volume of tubular neighborhoods of a manifold contains information about its curvature. Based on a generalization of this idea due to Federer, we proposed with F. Chazal and D. Cohen-Steiner a method to approximate the curvature measures of a set with positive reach from a discrete approximation. This has been applied to the detection of sharp edges with M. Ovsjanikov and L. Guibas.


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Notes, thesis, surveys

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