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Preprints and Publications

  1. A Lagrangian scheme à la Brenier for the incompressible Euler equations. T. O. Gallouët and Q. Mérigot. FOCM hal
  2. From conservative to dissipative systems through quadratic change of time, with application to the curve-shortening flow. Y. Brenier and X. Duan. ARMA hal
  3. Notions of optimal transport theory and how to implement them on a computer. B. Lévy et É. Schwindt. Computer & Graphics hal
  4. Convergence of a Newton algorithm for semi-discrete optimal transport, Q. Mérigot, Kitagawa, B. Thibert, JEMS (accepted) hal
  5. An algorithm for optimal transport between a simplex soup and a point cloud, Q. Mérigot, J. Meyron, B. Thibert, SIIMS hal
  6. Fast-marching methods for curvature penalized shortest paths. J.M. Mirebeau. JMIV hal
  7. Generalized incompressible flows, multi-marginal transport and Sinkhorn algorithm, J.D. Benamou, G. Carlier, L. Nenna, Numerische Mathematik (accepted] hal
  8. Approximation of variational problems with a convexity constraint by PDEs of Abreu type. G. Carlier and T. Radice. Preprint. hal
  9. Minimal convex extensions and finite difference discretization of the quadratic Monge-Kantorovich problem. J.D. Benamou and V. Duval. Preprint. hal
  10. Solution by convex minimization of the Cauchy problem for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws with convex entropy. Y. Brenier. Preprint. hal
  11. Geometric origin and few properties of the arctangential heat equation. Y. Brenier. Preprint. hal
  12. Generalized compressible fluid flows and solutions of the Camassa-Holm variational model. T. O. Gallouët, A. Natale, F.X. Vialard. Preprint. hal
  13. Hamiltonian Fast Marching: A numerical solver for anisotropic and non-holonomic eikonal PDEs. J.M. Mirebeau. Preprint. hal