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ANR project MAGA

The MAGA project is funded by the French ANR for four years (2016—2020). The acronym MAGA stands for Monge-Ampère et Géométrie Algorithmique.


The Monge-Ampère equation is a fully nonlinear elliptic equation, which plays a central role in geometry and in the theory of optimal transport. However, the singular and non-linear nature of the equation is a serious obstruction to its efficient numerical resolution. The first aim of the MAGA project is to study and to implement discretizations of optimal transport and Monge-Ampère equations which rely on tools from computational geometry (Laguerre diagrams). In a second step, these solvers will be applied to concrete problems from various fields involving optimal transport or Monge-Ampère equations such as

Laguerre diagram corresponding to the optimal transport between uniform measures over the unit ball and the so-called "tangle cube".

Fluid simulations using semi-discrete optimal transport.